Acetyl Fucoidan


Acetyl Fucoidan

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High content of fucoidan derived from Okinawa mozuku.
Domestic ingredients and production in Japan.
High- purity and high quality water-soluble fucoidan.

By using the original extraction method, Acetyl Fucoidan is used fucoidan extract from 100% Okinawa mozuku seaweed without deteriorating original characteristics of fucoidan.
No preservative is used.
This is a high-purity and high-quality water-soluble fucoidan drink blended with acetyl fucoidan, of which absorption efficiency is boosted keeping fucoidan macromolecular.
Domestic ingredients and production in Japan
The product is free from the antiseptic and the preservative.
It is manufactured at GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) factory in Japan.
GMP is a guideline on the production control and quality control of products and raw materials by Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association.

Fucoidan 680mg per one pack (20ml)

Name Soft drinks
Ingredients Acetyl Fucoidan (Okinawa Mozuku extract), acidifier
Content weight 600ml 【20mlx30packs (5packs x 6 sheets】
Storage Keep away from high temperature, humidity and directt sunlight
※Per one pack
Calories 2kcal Glucide 0.2g
Protein 0g Dietary fiber 0.3g
Fat 0g Sodium 26mg
Suggested use Take 1 pack (20ml) daily.
Floatings and sediments of ingredients can be found, but this does not affect on product quality. Shake well before taking. (Please finish the product immediately after opening.)
◆Carefully read the ingredient list. If you have any allergies, do not consume.
◆After opening, store them in a refrigerator and consume immediately.
◆There are invisible small holes in a container and you may smell, but there are not caused by a leakage.

Seller: Amiu Co. Ltd.,
※The package is subject to change without prior notice

Okinawa Mozuku
◆Ingredient: 100% Okinawa Mozuku
Okinawa Mozuku, which is carafully raised and reached sun-light at the dept of about 10 meters in beautiful Okinawa ocean, is used for [Acetyl Fucoidan].
When a nutrient of Okinawa Mozuku is the most abundant, they are harvested carefully one by one. Okinawa Mozuku harvested between April and June is used for [Acetyl Fucoidan].
Mozuku which is harvest in Okinawa coastal waters grows taking abundant vitamins and minerals in seawater.
The manufacturer focuses on the great quality of Mosuku for Acetyl Fucoidan. They use raised Okinawa Mozuku which are provided by [Okinawa Pref. raised Mozuku Promotion Council.]

[Okinawa Mozuku] High Fucoidan content!
Okinawa Mozuku contains the highest conten of Fucoidan among many seaweeds.
Fucoidan from Okinawa Mozuku is contained 5 times as much as in wakame seaweed or kelp.
Fucoidan is very precious ingredient. 1kg of Okinawa Mozuku conatins only about 1g of Fucoidan. The manufacturer produces Acetyl Fucoidan by using Fucoindan extracted from 100 percent Okinawa Mozuku through their special extraction method.
The product is free from the antiseptic and preservative.

Acetyl Fucoidan] is proccessed so that it is easily absored without harming the advantage of high molecular.
It is not easy to being absorbed even though molecule size becomes smaller because Fucoidan is Polysaccharides composed of long chains of mono saccharido units bound strongly together.
In order to being absorbed efficiently, it is very important to break down polysaccharides.
By breaking down them with acetic acid which is contained in Fucoidan, Acetyl Fucoidan is perfectly keeping high molecular and better absorption ratio.
Ampule container and single drinkable sized products make it easy to carry and hygienic.

◆Reliable manufacturing process
Acetyle Fucoidan is extracted from Okinawa Mozuku.
At the time of extracting and blending, a sterilization test is done to improve their safety.
The manufacturer ensures to their quality, technique, safety and reliablity and produces the products in GMP qualified factory.

Acetyle Fucoidan

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