Super Fucoidan (Kanehide Bio)


Super Fucoidan (Kanehide Bio)

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Super Fucoidan (Kanehide Bio)
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A Combination of Okinawa Fucoidan and Reishi Mycelium. Liquid Fucoidan.
Super Fucoidan is made by adding Reishi mycelia to Okinawan fucoidan derived from fresh brown mozuku algae (scientific name: Nemacystis decipiens) and grown under the Okinawan sunlight. Super Fucoidan is provided in liquid form.
It is produced from Okinawan mozuku fucoidan which is derived through a patented unique manufacturing process (No. 3408180) under the consistent quality control system in the ISO 22000 certified factory.

■30000mg fucoidan per container (3000ml)

Product Mozuku processed food (refreshing beverage)
Ingredients Mozuku extract (from Okinawa), Reishi mycelium extract, thickener (xanthanegum)
Serving size
Servings per container
1 packet (100ml)
30 (3000ml)
Disinfecting method Filled in an airtight container, sealed and sterilized by pressuring and heating.
Storage Store at room temperature, away from high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight.
After opening, consume immediately.
Nutrition facts
※per packet (100ml)
Calories 5kcal Carbohydrate 1.2g
Protein 0.1g Sodium 37.4mg
Fat 0g    
Suggested use Take 1-3 packets daily, in a glass or mug.
Dilute with water according to taste.
◆Heating it in a microwave or directly over the fire may cause damage.
◆Sediment may form as it is made from plant extracts. But it does not effect the quality.
◆Keep out of reach of children.

Manufactured by KANEHIDE BIO CO., LTD.
※The package is subject to change without prior notice.

Okinawa Fucoidan

Okinawa Mozuku
Made From 100% Okinawan Mozuku
Super Fucoidan utilizes Okinawan mozuku which is quick frozen while fresh. Since it is made from fresh Okinawan mozuku, not dried ones which can be found in overseas products, it contains an abundance of sulfate groups, which is one of the remarkable characteristics of fucoidan.
Okinawan mozuku cultivated in the sea around Okinawa grows absorbing an abundance of vitamins and minerals contained in seawater.
Super Fucoidan differs from granulated mozuku powder.
To provide more highly-concentrated fucoidan, it is produced via extraction from mozuku → concentration → commercialization process, that results in more than 80% purity.
Super Fucoidan is made from this extract of mozuku.

Super Fucoidan

Patented Extraction Process (Process Patent No.3408180)
Super Fucoidan derives fucoidan from Okinawa mozuku with the patented organic acid extraction method (Process Patent No. 3408180).
Extracting mozuku fucoidan through the KANEHIDE BIO's own unique process allows to maximize the effectiveness of the material.

ISO 22000 Manufactured in the ISO 22000-certified factory
KANEHIDE conducts quality assurance check by not only machines, but also human hands and eyes at each step of the production process, that is allowed by the consistent structure that encompasses everything from raw material procurement to commercialization.

Iso stands for International Organization for Standardization. ISO 22000 certification signifies that a company is certified by ISO and meets the standards of quality control and assurance established by the organization.

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