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Active Nano Tropical Turmeric Capsules


Active Nano Tropical Turmeric Capsules

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Active Nano Tropical Turmeric Capsules
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Tropical Turmeric from Okinawa blended with Autumn Turmeric!
In "Active Nano Tropical Turmeric Capsules", Autumn Turmeric is blended into tropical turmeric from Okinawa which was clathrated by the patented nanoencapsulation techonology.
Autumn Turmeric is superior among turmerics in terms of curcumine content.
“Tropical Turmeric” contains six times as much curcumine as Autumn Turmeric.

Curcumine 40mg in 3 capsules(708mg)

◆Using ”Tropical Turmeric” and “Autumn Turmeric” from Okinawa Prefecture and grown with pesticide-free.
◆Active Nano Tropical Turmeric Capsules are manufactured at the certified GMP factory in Japan. (GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice)
◆The factory is also certified by ISO22000. ISO22000 is Food Safety Management System to ensure the food safety and reliability.

Product Turmeric Supplement
Ingredients Tropical turmeric powder (from Okinawa Pref.), Autumn turmeric extract (from Okinawa Pref.), Dextrin, Starch / HPMC, Soy lecithin, Curcumine, Calcium stearate, Fine-grain silicon dioxide, Calcium phosphate
Content weight Approx. 21.24g (approx. 236mg×90 capsules)
Storage Keep away from high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight.
※per 3 capsules (708mg)
Calories 2.85kcal Carbohydrate 0.52g
Protein 0.03g  -Saccharide 0.48g
Fat 0.08g  -Fiber 0.04g
Salt equivalent 0.001g Iron 0.02mg
Curcumine 40mg
Suggested use Take 3 capsules daily with water or lukewarm water.
※Keep out of reach of children.
Manufacturer : KANEHIDE BIO Co., Ltd.
※The package is subject to change without prior notice.

Mulberry leaf
◆What is Tropical Turmeric?
Comparing to Autumn Turmeric which is well-known to have high curcumine content, Tropical Turmeric contains significantly much more curcumine. (comparison among Kanehide Bio’s Okinawan turmerics)
The cut end of Tropical Turmeric has a vivid orange color. This color signifies high curcumin content.
“Tropical Turmeric” is a delicate and precious plant comparing to other turmerics.

◆What is Autumn Turmeric?
【Scientific name : Curcuma longa】
Autumn Turmeric blooms white flowers from the stem between summer and autumn. The reverse side of its leaves has no hair and is very smooth.
It is called “Autumn Turmeric” because the flower blooms in autumn season,.
It is characterized by the high content of curcumine.
The inner color of the turmeric roots is dark orange and it does not taste bitter.
Turmeric is also used as a spice for curry and as a dyestuff.

The components in healh food have an oil-soluble characteristic (lipophilic component) and a water-soluble characteristic (hydrophilic component).
The extraction is done based on the study of those characteristics. Nano-capsulation can cover all these useful components in nano-size with liquid membrane called liposome.

Body-friendly and safe food materials
Liposome is an artificial membrane mainly composed of phospholipid which is refined from safety assured egg yolk and soy.

Nano-capsules disperse very well when dissolved in water since they are able to encapsulate water-insoluble component.


◆Integrated production system enables thorough quality control
“Active Nano Tropical Turmeric Capsules” is produced under the integrated production system from the material procurement to commercialization. We perform very strict quality control at each production stage everyday.

Health supplement GMP
The manufacturer, Kanehide Bio Co., Ltd. is qualified as GMP authorized plant by Japan Health and Nuturition Food Association in June, 2011.
GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, and is the guideline for manufacturing process control and quality management standards. GMP was established in order to manufacture safer and more reliable products by providing the guideline for manufacturing health food.

Kanehide Bio Co., Ltd. is the first company in Okinawa to obtain the certification of ISO9001・2000 and ISO9001・HACCP of International standarized quality management sysytem.
In January 2016, they also obtained the certification of ISO22000, “Food Safety Management Systems” which addresses food safety and reliability.

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