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LENTIN PLUS 1000 (BioBran) 1.4g×105packets + Trial pkts


LENTIN PLUS 1000 (BioBran) 1.4g×105packets + Trial pkts

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BIOBRAN (rice bran arabinoxylan derivative) is highly contained!
LENTIN PLUS 1000 (BioBran)
“LENTIN PLUS 1000” is contained the most biobran (rice bran arabinoxylan derivative), and is a fine powdery type.
Biobran is a component which has increased its activity by being activated arabinoxylan extracted from rice bran mixed with enzyme in shiitake mushrooms. Biobran contained in LENTIN PLUS 1000 is low-molecular-biobran (rice bran arabinoxylan derivative), is easy to dissolve in water and lukewarm water. Therefore, LENTIN PLUS 1000 is good to take directly with water.
Biobran has been accumulated scientific evidence to support a dietary supplement for more than 15 years.
Currently, 42 research papers related to biobran have been published, and it has sales records not only in Japan but also in 50 countries worldwide including in the US, Europe or other countries.

■Per one packet(1.4g) Biobran : 1000mg

Name Dietary fiber containing food
Ingredients Vegetable polysaccharide, Crystalline cellulose ,Tricalcium Phosphate
Servings per container 147g (1.4g×105packets)
Country of manufacture Japan
Storage Keep away from high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight.
※amount per 1 packet(1.4g)
Calories 4.0kcal Carbohydrate 1.1g
Protein 0.1g Sodium 1.0mg
Fat 0g Dietary fiber 0.4g
Suggested Use Take one(1) to three(3) packets daily, directly with water.
◆See the list of ingredients of LENTIN PLUS1000. Do NOT take this product if you are allergic to any ingredient in LENTIN PLUS1000. Discontinue use if any unusual reaction under body condition or physical condition.
◆If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use.
◆This product is extracted from all natural ingredients, so in case if you find slight differences in its color due to consisting of natural ingredients, there is no problem in its quality.
◆Keep out of reach of children.
◆Finish taking as quickly as possible after opening.

Manufactured by Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
※The package and design are subject to change without prior notice.

LENTINPLUS 1000 (BioBran)

◆Using low-molecular rice bran arabinoxylan derivative(water solubility) !
Arabinoxylan is a main component of hemicellulose contained a lot in rice, wheat and other plants. Arabinoxylan has no activity itself, and just function as dietary fiber.

Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has focused on rice bran to develop well-absorbed arabinoxylan having activities.
They have established ※their own original manufacturing process to act the enzyme of mycelia of lentinus edodes(DAIWA-A95 fungus)

Enzyme-treated rice bran, arabinoxylan has changed into “biobran” having activities.

※〔Patents for method of manufacturing〕
Japan:No.3519187, USA:No.5560914, Korea:No.0344755, Europe(UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Portugal):No.753582

LENTIN PLUS 1000 is a dietary supplement containing rice bran arabinoxylan derivative (biobran) as a major ingredient.

Cooperation organizations on research and development for rice bran arabinoxylan derivative (biobran)
●Academic laboratories【Chiba University/ Aichi Gakusen University/ Aichi Gakuin University/ Hamamatsu University School of Medicine/ Nagoya University/ Osaka Prefecture University/ Kyushu University/ University of Tokyo/ and others】
●Overseas【UCLA/ DRAW/ Oxford University/ University of Cambridge/ McMaster University/ University of Groningen/ and others】
●Public institutions【Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan/ Public Research Institute】
●Own research institution【Tsukuba laboratory】

◆About Safety and Security of Biobran
In December 2002, over the whole categories of both Tsukuba Plant/laboratory and Tokyo headquarters in Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., are certified according to ISO9001 of the international quality management system by United Kingdom Accreditation Service, UKAS.
ISO provides to be enable to improve the level of customer satisfaction.
In Tsukuba Plant, they have been granted HACCP certification, which is an internal standard of food sanitation management system.

Biobran(rice bran arabinoxylan derivative) has been produced in the factory where has been certified according to ISO-9001:2008+HACCP.
The factory also installed the latest equipment for microbial culture to enable the high and stable quality.
As far as effluent treatment is concerned, the factory has not only cleared the strict standard value of Tsukuba area, but also achieved the environmentally-sound progress under independent and strict controls on considering the environmental impact.

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