Denshichi carrots

Yunnan Denshichi Tablets


Yunnan Denshichi Tablets

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Made with Well-Selected 5-6 Year Old Roots of Denshichi Carrots Grown in Yunnan Province, China!
Yunnan Denshichi Tablets is made with 5-6 year old roots of denshichi carrots grown in Yunnan province, China. Easy-to-take tablet form.
Denshichi carrots contain abundant saponins, flavonoids, organic germanium, iron, etc.

※Products made with 7 year old roots of organic denshichi carrots are:
Yunnan Denshichi Fine Powder (500g), Yunnan Denshichi Fine Powder (150g)

Product Denshichi carrots processed food
Ingredients Denshichi carrots powder, crystalline cellulose, glycerin fatty acid ester
Serving size
Servings per container
1 tablet (250mg)
240 (60g)
Storage Store away from high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight, tightly closed.
Supplement facts
※amount per 60g
Calories 218kcal Carbohydrate 38.3g
Protein 3.8g Sodium 25.2mg
Fat 0.3g    
Recommended dosage Take 12 tablets daily, with water or warm water.
Manufactured by Ryuseido Co., Ltd.
※The package is subject to change without prior notice.

Yunnan Denshichi Tablets

◆Denshichi carrot
Denshichi carrot is a perennial plant belonging to Araliaceae Family, native to Yunnan province, China.
Being strong in vitality, it takes 3-7 years to completely absorb nutrients and minerals from the soil, and the soil after harvesting becomes so clean that even weed will not grow in the next decade and over.
Since Denshichi carrot is rich in nutrients, they have been called “Kinfukan” in China, meaning too valuable to be exchanged even for money.

Components contained in denshichi carrots
Denshichi carrots Denshichi carrots contain saponins as a primary nutrient and generous amounts of well-balanced nutrients.
Regarding saponins, 32 types have been identified in denshichi carrots. Moreover denshichi carrots contain 4-5 times as much saponins as Korean ginseng contains.
In addition to saponins, denshichi carrots include functional components such as denshichi keton, organic germanium, flavone glycoside, acetylene compound, denshichin, phytosterol, etc. and other important nutritional components such as vitamins, kalium, iron, zinc, magnesium, minerals, etc.
Scientific name Panax notoginseng
Another name San qi
Category The genus Panax, the family Araliaceae
Origin Wenshan, Yunnan province: Nianshan, Xichou, Guangnan
Guangxichuangzu province: Tianyang, Jingxi, etc.
Components It contains saponin (7~12%) composed mostly of ginsenoiside Rg1, Rb1 and Rg2. In addition, it includes a tiny amount of ginsenoiside Ra, b2, d and e, and isolated sterol and flavonoid isolated.

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