Korean ginseng

Ilhwa Korean Ginseng (300g)


Ilhwa Korean Ginseng (300g)

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Concentrated ginseng extract adhering to natural ginsengs!
“Ilhwa Korean Ginseng” is made from natural Korean ginsengs (mainly from six-year-old roots). It is a 100% pure Korean-ginseng-root product with no flavor added.

It is made from ginseng essence which the top ginseng manufacturer in Korea, “Ilhwa”, extracts using its unique method of low-temperature and low-pressure alcohol extraction. And it contains well-balanced saponin compositions and abundant minerals.
“Ilhwa Korean Ginseng” contains about 49.5 ginsengs aged six years a jar (300g).

■Containing 180g dried extract (equivalent to 900g dried ginseng roots)
per 300g Ilhwa Korean Ginseng

Product Asian ginseng root processed food
Ingredients Asian ginseng root extract
Net weight 300g
Storage Keep in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.
※amount per 100g
Calories 264kcal Carbohydrate 52.8g
Protein 11.8g Sodium 94.8mg
Fat 0.6g    
Suggested usage Dissolve 1-3 teaspoonfuls (1-3g) of the extract (measured by a provided spoon) in hot water daily. Add milk, honey, etc according to taste.
◆Since it is a natural product, ginseng compositions may precipitate, and the color, viscosity and/or flavor may vary. But it does not affect the quality.
◆The lid is tightly closed so as to prevent the extract from leaking out. And you may not be able to get the lid open, if the extract stuck on the lid is solidified during use. In that case, do not forcedly open the lid or directly heat the jar and the lid. They might be broken and cause unexpected injuries. When the lid is hard to open, place the jar in a hot-water container with the lid closed, and heat the lid for 1-3 minutes. It makes the lid easily opened since the solidified extract is warmed and liquefied.
◆If you experience any unusual symptoms, stop taking this product immediately and consult your doctor.
◆After opening, keep the lid tightly closed, store in the fridge and consume immediately. And the attached spoon should be always kept dried and clean.

Sold by I J Healthy Foods Co., Ltd.
※The package is subject to change without prior notice.

Features of Ilhwa Korean Ginseng (300g)
◆It is made from carefully selected 6-year-old ginseng roots of good quality.
100% pure concentrated Korean ginseng extract produced via low-temperature and low-pressure alcohol extraction process. Rich in saponin!
”Ilhwa Korean Ginseng (300g)” contains about 49.5 ginsengs aged six years.
◆It passed the pesticide inspection directed by Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association and acquired the JHFA mark authorized by the association. And it is the only Korean ginseng that passed the strict pesticide residue inspection conducted by Germany.

What is ginseng?
ginseng Ginseng is referred to as Panax ginseng or Asian ginseng of the family Araliaceae.
The most remarkable ingredient of it is “saponin”.
When cut into round slices, a ginseng has a three-layered structure of periderm, cortex and xylem from the outside. Among them, periderm and cortex are richer in saponin.
Made from whole ginseng roots in the skin, Korean ginseng tea allows us greater absorption of ginseng’s nutrients.

“Ilhwa Korean Ginseng (300g)" is made from whole ginseng roots in the skin, and is a strong solution containing abundant nutrients of ginseng including more than 30 kinds of highly-concentrated saponins and highly-concentrated minerals.

Ilhwa Korean Ginseng

Certified by trustworthy JHFA
Ilhwa Korean Ginseng is certified with the JHFA mark.
JHFA Mark (Japan Health Food Authorization Mark) is set up by JHNFA (Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association) based on the guidance for each item from the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan. JHNFA grants the right to display “JHFA Mark” only to the products which have passed its strict inspections.

Awarded the Chairman's honor
Received the prestigious President Award
Ilhwa is the top ginseng manufacturer in South Korea, also the leading exporter of ginseng. Ilhwa has received various awards in South Korea so far, including the country’s highest honor, “Korea’s President Award”, twice.
Ilhwa manufactures a variety of ginseng products, which are used regularly by the people in Korea as well as in 38 countries worldwide including Japan.

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