Agaricus Mushroom Extract Bulk Powder


Agaricus Mushroom Extract Bulk Powder

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Agaricus Mushroom Extract + Agaricus Mycelium Extract
Agaricus Mushroom Extract Bulk Powder
Raw materials of Agaricus Mushroom Extract Bulk Powder are Agaricus Mushroom Extract and Agaricus Mycelium Extract made in Japan, and it is finished in granules which is easy to drink.
Agaricus Mushroom abounds with B-D Glucan, Phosphate lipid, and various Minerals.

90000mg of Dried Agaricus per container (75g)

Product Agaricus processed food
Ingredients Agaricus Mushroom Extract(made in Japan), Agaricus Mycelium Extract(made in Okinawa), Dextrin, Cyclic Oligosaccharide
Serving size
Servings per container
1 packet (2.5g)
30 packets (75g)
Storage Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.
Nutrition facts
※per packet(2.5g)
Calories 10.7kcal Carbohydrate 2.34g
Protein 0.31g Sodium 1.59mg
Fat 0.01g    
Suggested Use Take 1 packet daily, with water or warm water.
Manufactured by KANEHIDE BIO CO., LTD
※The package is subject to change without prior notice.

■ Using Agaricus from Okinawa(Mushroom Extract + Myselium Extract)
Agaricus Mushroom Extract Bulk Powder are using the Agaricus which is consistently manufactured in the factory of KANEHIDE BIO.
It is made from the Agaricus Mycelium and Agaricus Mushroom grew from Mycelium which is solid cultured at the medium which main raw material is Bagasse.

It contains the main components of Agaricus; beta-glucan, phospholipids, and various minerals (the active ingredients) in good balance.

■How Agaricus Myceliums are made
How Agaricus Myceliums are made

Agaricus Mushroom Extract Bulk Powder
■ Manufactured in the ISO-22000certified factory
KANEHIDE conducts quality assurance check by not only machines, but also human hands and eyes at each step of the production process.
It is possible because of the integrated system from raw material procurement to commercialization.

ISO stands for International Organization for Standarization.
ISO-22000 certification signifies that a company is certified by ISO and meets the standards of quality control and assurance established by the organization.

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